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Visits to schools

The Piton Management Area office conducted a series of education visits to several schools, including Les Etangs Combined, Bouton RC Combined, Fond St.Jaques Primary, Soufriere Primary, and Soufriere Infant.
The impetus of our visit was to instill not only a sense of awareness but also a sense of responsibility to our youth. We were able to embark on this journey to introduce children to the significance of the Piton Management Area and how Pristine our Pitons and the Sulphur Springs are.
This also included the vital role that they play when it comes to preserving our history and culture.
Our visits were aimed at connecting our younger generation to the importance of sustainable practices and showcasing the beauty of the Pitons. The responses provided were nothing short of inspiring as there was active participation and enthusiasm displayed by the students.
We were able to engage in active discussions and the children asked questions and shared their thoughts on the role they can play to contribute to the sustainability of the Piton management area. The initiative was truly a resounding success.